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Have you taken great care of your smile for the past few years, but want to give it some extra dazzle? If you are ready for your miracle smile, consider dental veneers in Dearborn, Michigan! They make your teeth look spectacular. Whether you want to treat yourself to an entire makeover, or just correct minor ailments in a few teeth, veneers can do the job.

Dental veneers are designed with aesthetics, comfort, and durability in mind. Custom crafted from a hard material, they are designed to look and act like normal teeth. They have the added benefit of being more stain-resistant and are capable of taking on the variety of shapes and sizes necessary to improve your smile.

Dental veneers are cemented onto the front of your teeth directly. By removing a very small amount of tooth enamel, your veneers can be glued into place for a durable hold that can last for a decade—or even longer!

If you suffer from broken or cracked teeth or have discolored or stained teeth, dental veneers can cover the damage and present the world with a smile you can be proud of. Check with your dentists to see if dental veneers are a good option for you.

For additional help, Drs. Farber and Farber and our team at Dearborn West Dental are here to give you the smile you desire. If you would like to schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office, please contact us at 313-562-5610 to speak with a member of our team. Don’t let bad smiles control your life—it’s time to fight back and get the smile you want!