How Routine Dental Checkups Help Your Smile in the Long Run

When you come in for dental exams and we have cleaned your teeth and gum line and removed any hardened plaque, our dentist can look at them for any signs of trouble, such as cavities, loose or broken teeth, damaged fillings, and evaluate your risk rate of certain diseases which might also take into account... Read more »

The Troubling Causes of Halitosis

Do you know the typical causes that could be triggering your halitosis? If not, we have news for you! There are many reasons you could be struggling with your breath and understanding the cause could help you conquer the embarrassing condition. Our , Dr. , understands halitosis and is happy to help you overcome it…. Read more »

Flossing with Fluids

The same story plays out every six months when you visit with your dentist. You’re asked if you floss regularly, you lie and say yes, then the moment a piece of that minty-smelling plastic touches your gums, bloods erupts like Old Faithful. Alright, that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s pretty indicative of what happens in… Read more »

Gum Resection Might Be Needed to Treat Severe Periodontal Disease

Hardened tartar that accumulates near the gumline can gradually lead to the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis. If this initial stage of periodontal disease goes untreated the bacterial presence can start to invade deep into the gum tissues, causing your gumline to recede from your teeth. Over time this chronic condition of periodontitis can lead to… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Mouth

Are you familiar with what dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is? Dry mouth arises due to several different issues and various risk factors. To help keep your smile producing enough saliva, consider preventative treatments of dry mouth and saliva-producing diets. For further information concerning dry mouth, consider the following: Question: What is dry mouth?… Read more »

Change Out Your Toothbrush After Illness

You may think that once you are done with a sickness you cannot become sick again from the same germ. While this is true for most viruses, it is a wise precaution to remain healthy that you exchange your toothbrush for a new one after an illness, especially if you share your bathroom with others… Read more »

Does Mouthwash Really Matter?

When used correctly, mouthwash can have a very positive effect on your oral health. If you struggle with bad breath, you might consider adding mouthwash into your daily oral care routine. Though mouthwash should not be considered a substitute for other oral hygiene habits, it can offer many important dental benefits. We encourage you to… Read more »

A Tooth with an Old, Large Dental Filling Might Need a Dental Crown

A dentist will sometimes use a large dental filling to treat a dental fracture or a significant case of tooth decay that affects the biting surface of a molar or premolar. These fillings are typically made from a metal amalgam, composite resin, gold alloy or a special type of dental grade porcelain. Large fillings can… Read more »

What Dental Dangers Are Affecting You?

Are you aware of all the risk factors that exist in your diet? Numerous foods and drinks you consume can easily damage your teeth and lead to severe dental dangers that can result in cavities and tooth decay. Always assess the products you are consuming and determine whether or not they are a risk for… Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Cavity Prevention

One of the most common forms of oral health care ailments exists in the form of cavities. When tooth decay occurs to the point that a hole has formed in your tooth enamel, a cavity will arise. To help combat this, always make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to keep your tooth enamel strong… Read more »