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You may think that once you are done with a sickness you cannot become sick again from the same germ. While this is true for most viruses, it is a wise precaution to remain healthy that you exchange your toothbrush for a new one after an illness, especially if you share your bathroom with others in the household.

Whether you are single or married with children, you probably have roommates of some kind that share your bathroom. Where there are multiple occupants of a residence there will be multiple germs, and multiple occasions to spread sickness. While it is rare that someone willingly shares your toothbrush, simply storing toothbrushes in close proximity to one another is risky. To avoid the accidental use of a toothbrush not your own, try color coding them to make them easily identifiable.

Even if you keep your toothbrush isolated and avoid contact with other toothbrushes, a bathroom is a chaotic place where water particles regularly fly around everywhere during grooming sessions. Brushing, washing, shaving, and other daily cleaning rituals done in the bathroom create an atmosphere easy for germs to transfer from one person to another, and from one toothbrush to another.

Did you know that there are over 200 different strains of common cold viruses? Many of them can live on toothbrushes long after you have gotten better. So, recognize that you can save someone else the same misery you experienced by simply swapping out that toothbrush!

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