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So you have your new braces. You and your braces will be together for some time. You may have to wear your braces for months, and maybe even for a year or two. Even though your teeth are covered by your braces, you can’t forget about them. You will still need to keep your regular dental appointments while you have your braces, and you will need to continue to brush and floss your teeth.

Normally, it’s recommended that people brush their teeth at least twice a day. With your braces, you will want to increase that to three times a day, preferably after each meal. While you should brush your teeth for about two minutes, you will need to spend more time now that you have braces. Start by brushing at the gumline, then concentrate on brushing on top of each bracket, and then brush on bottom of each bracket and the wire. Don’t get in a hurry, and brush one or two teeth at a time. Don’t forget the back of your teeth, and the chewing and biting surfaces.

With braces you will need to spend extra time flossing as well. However, your new hardware can make that frustrating. Ask the dentist about using a floss threader or soft picks. If neither of those options work, you might consider using a water flosser.

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