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One of the most common forms of oral health care ailments exists in the form of cavities. When tooth decay occurs to the point that a hole has formed in your tooth enamel, a cavity will arise. To help combat this, always make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to keep your tooth enamel strong and safe.  This includes the following:

– Always be sure to brush your teeth twice every single day with a healthy non-abrasive toothbrush and toothpaste.

– Make sure to clean between teeth in areas that your brush cannot reach with a durable interdental cleaner such as threaded floss or a water flosser.

– Eat healthy and nutritious meals that are low in sugar and starches that can contribute to dental erosion.

– Always be sure to visit your dentist for your scheduled appointments so that they may inspect your mouth and help you with any treatments or procedures you may need.

– Consider using additional methods of oral health care cleaning every day beyond brushing and flossing treatments. This can include mouthwash or sugarless chewing gum.

– Help reduce additional saliva in your mouth through means such as eating crunchy foods with high water content and chewing sugarless gum after meals.

– Avoid sticky or chewy foods that can linger on your teeth long after consumption and contribute to the rise of cavities.

If you are seeking treatment for preventing cavities, we are here to help you. For a thorough diagnosis and treatment, please contact Dearborn West Dental to set up an appointment with Dr. Robert Farber and Dr. Corey Farber and associates at our dentist office in Dearborn, Michigan by calling 313-562-5610.