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There’s nothing like a big, vibrant smile to brighten up someone’s day. And there are a variety of cosmetic dental procedures available to help you have the great smile you’ve always wanted. But although you might not think about it, your gums play a large role in the look of your smile. And shaping your gums can brighten it significantly.

Gum contouring, sometimes referred to as crown lengthening, is a simple procedure used to alter the appearance of the gums. But its other name refers to the coinciding effect it has the the appearance of teeth. It can make teeth look longer by reducing the amount of gum material.

Some people have what is often called a “gummy smile,” or an abnormally high gum line. This causes teeth to look smaller than they really are, even though nothing is the matter with them. To fix this, Dr. Robert Farber can remove a small amount of the excess gum material. By using the latest tools and techniques, your procedure is quick and comfortable, and your smile is greatly improved.

Gum contouring, while a valuable cosmetic tool, is also used restoratively. For example, it can be used if a person needs a crown but a high gum line is preventing it fitting properly. It can also be used to facilitate treatment of tooth fractures below the gum line or even when installing braces.

If you are interested in learning more about gum contouring or any of the cosmetic dental procedures available at Dearborn West Dental, we invite you to call our Dearborn, MI, office today. A bright, inviting smile can be yours.