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Buying a new toothbrush can be a pain when there are so many styles to choose from, but reusing an old or unsanitary toothbrush is worse. Our team at Dearborn West Dental encourages you to protect your oral health by only cleaning your teeth with a safe toothbrush. If you’re questioning whether it’s time to throw out your toothbrush, ask yourself the following questions.

– Is your toothbrush old or worn out? To make sure your teeth are receiving a good brushing, you should replace your toothbrush every three to four months, or when it shows signs of wear (eg, frayed or falling-out bristles).

– Did your toothbrush touch something germy? If your toothbrush falls on the floor, touches another toothbrush, or was used while you had a cold or the flu, you should throw it away.

– Is your toothbrush growing bacteria? A moist environment encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi. Keeping your toothbrush in a dry, airy environment and not storing it in a toothbrush case while wet will reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

– Is your toothbrush lacking quality? Cheap toothbrushes wear out quickly and pose health risks. If your toothbrush doesn’t bear the ADA Seal of Acceptance, it may not be safe to use because of sharp bristles or unhealthy plastic material.

For more information about your toothbrush, contact Dearborn West Dental in Dearborn, Michigan. Our phone number is 313-562-5610. We look forward to hearing from you!