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Your gums support your smile. Keeping them in good shape can keep you free of disease, and keep your teeth bright, healthy, an in their proper places. However, there may be occasions when your gums may need to be shaped or contoured by your dentist.

Your gums may cover too much or your teeth, a condition known as a “gummy smile.” Or your gums may be uneven. Your dentist will reshape the contours of your gums to make them more even, and to make your smile more appealing.

Gum disease may have left you with receding gums and pockets which allow bacteria and disease to penetrate. Your dentist can reshape your gums to remove the pockets and seal your gums against disease. Your dentist will numb your gums with a local anesthetic before stipping away the excess or damaged gum material. In many offices, this is done with the use of a laser.

Good dental hygiene is always a must; however it is critical that you take good care of your gums after your procedure. It may take several weeks, so you should brush and floss gently.

If you have a gummy smile, are coping with gum disease, or if it is just time for an exam or cleaning, our dentist, Dr. Robert Farber will be happy to help. If you live in the Dearborn, Michigan area, call 313-562-5610 to schedule an appointment at Dearborn West Dental.