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Do you know the typical causes that could be triggering your halitosis? If not, we have news for you! There are many reasons you could be struggling with your breath and understanding the cause could help you conquer the embarrassing condition.

Our doctor, Dr. Robert Farber, understands halitosis and is happy to help you overcome it. Furthermore, our team at Dearborn West Dental in Dearborn, Michigan, has shared with you a list of possible ideas that could be the troubling causes of halitosis.

Here are some triggers to halitosis:

– Medications: Some medicines prescribed by your doctor could cause severe bad breath as a side effect.

– Gum disease can cause your gums to smell foul due to the bacteria, and this is the most common reason for halitosis.

– Tooth decay: Cavities can cause your mouth to smell as your teeth decay if ignored.

– Dry Mouth: Your mouth needs saliva to wash away the smelly foods and bacteria from your smile and protect your oral health.

– Foods: Enjoyable foods and drinks like coffee, onions, garlic, sodas, and even some teas can cause your breath to smell foul.

– Other health conditions: Conditions in your body such as liver problems, kidney malfunctions, and respiratory tract infections can trigger halitosis.

– Tobacco: Tobacco use irritates the teeth and gums even if you don’t always feel it and causes severe bad breath along with many other health problems.

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