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Are you aware of all the risk factors that exist in your diet? Numerous foods and drinks you consume can easily damage your teeth and lead to severe dental dangers that can result in cavities and tooth decay. Always assess the products you are consuming and determine whether or not they are a risk for your smile and should be eliminated.

Are you aware of the dental danger risk factors associated with trying to open up bottle caps or plastic packaging with your teeth? It can lead to severe dental damage and have teeth immediately knocked out if you’re not careful. Your teeth are only designed for chewing food, so never use them for any other tasks.

Numerous products in your diet are known tooth hazard risk factors. Whether it be sugary products such as soda, sports drinks, fruit juice or starchy products such as potato chips, Exercise caution when consuming them as they can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth which chew through your tooth enamel. Furthermore, be aware that sticky or chewy sweets that linger in your mouth long after consumption are also known risk factors for dental erosion.

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